2009 Pat Dooley

Pat Dooley Lifeguard of the Year-

Patrick Dooley graduated from Bayport-Blue Point High School in 2007 and Cornell University in 2011. Pat first became a lifeguard in 2005, following his family’s long legacy of life saving. He was known for being quick off the tower and dependable in the roughest surfing conditions.

He left Smith Point Lifeguards in 2011 to pursue a career working for an investment banking company called Nomura in New York City. Patrick now plans to move to San Francisco, but will never forget his time working for the Smith Point Ocean Rescue team.

Written by
Courtney Dooley
Updated on 8/23/13

Smith Point Rookie of the Year -Tom Penney

Tom Penney graduated from William Floyd High School in June of 2010. While attending W.F. High, Tom played football for 6 years and was a team captain for 4 years. As a junior, in June of 2009, he decided to try out for Smith Point Lifeguards. Rough seas, fifty-degree water and regimented workouts did not frighten Tom away, and twelve weeks later, he passed the test!

Next year, Tom hopes to go to Marine Corp Boot Camp, and graduate as honorary graduate of his company with a meritorious promotion. After that, he plans to attend the School of Infantry and graduate with meritorious promotion as well. Knowing Tom, his goals will be achieved. Just like other rookies of the year before him, Tom loves to help others and to assure that all patrons at Smith Point Beach can relax and safely enjoy the beach.

Congratulations Penney!

August 1, 2009

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