Junior Lifeguards 2024, week # 1

The first day of junior lifeguards was great at Smith Point and Meschutt beaches. The day was marked by excitement and engagement. The program began with a warm welcome and a brief orientation session, where participants were introduced to the lifeguards and briefed on the schedule and safety.

The young junior lifeguards quickly formed friendly atmosphere setting a positive tone for the day. Throughout the session, they participated in various activities, including a run and a basic water safety training. Our lifeguards were impressed with the group’s enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Many participants showed promising skills in swimming and rescue techniques, demonstrating strong potential for the weeks ahead.

The day concluded with a review session, and going over the backyard pool safety. Overall, the first day was successful, laying a solid foundation for the junior lifeguards’ journey.

July 7, 2024

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