Happy 4th of July!

This morning we were thrilled to recognize and celebrate the dedication and hard work of our outstanding lifeguards at Smith Point, Cupsogue and Meschutt. Your commitment to safety, vigilance, and professionalism ensures a secure and enjoyable environment for all of Suffolk County Patrons. Your lifesaving skills, quick response, and unwavering dedication make a significant difference every day. 

Smith Point Lifeguards have a critical responsibility that involves overseeing the safety of Suffolk County Patrons in various aquatic environments such as still water and ocean beaches. We are trained to prevent accidents by enforcing family actions plans and continuously monitor water activities. 

Our regular training ensures that we stay updated on the latest lifesaving techniques and safety protocols. Our role demands constant vigilance, physical fitness, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Our presence on the beaches not only provides reassurance but also reduces the risk of water accidents. By maintaining a safe environment, Smith Point Lifeguards play an essential role in preventing drownings and ensuring that everyone can enjoy our beaches safely and then go home to their friends and family and enjoy BBQ and life in general. 

I am sure that I speak for almost everyone here, when I say that from day one, you count your rescues each season and maybe even keep track of how many people you were able to pull out of water over the years. I know that I did… up until July 20, 2004. On that day, Tim Delaney was our chief of lifeguards, Bob Kolar and Ron Kister were the seniors on at Smith Point. We ran 120 rescues! From approximately 11:30 am until 4:00 pm, we weren’t able to sit and “relax”. Gorman, Brocki, Molloy, Perry, Garrett Thibodeau, Tim Manoogian and I, to name a few guards, were running all over the place. It was nuts but really fun at the same time. 

And that is when we, the younger guards, realized that only one number that matters is “ZERO”! … Zero is the most important number of all – zero drownings under your tenure. 

So, today we recognized and honored Smith Point Lifeguards for their hustle, teamwork, professionalism, discipline, integrity, commitment and valor over a decade, two, three or four while maintaining “ZERO DROWNINGS UNDER TENURE” record!


10 Years20 Years30 Years
Brendon Kolar 10
Kevin Kolar 10
Jake Kolar 10
Keegan McKenna 10
Nicole Pikulik 10
Zach Gallo 11
Julia Horan 11
Ann Fici 12
Paul Schmidt 14
Matt Pluhowski 15
Matt Martins 15
Patrick O’Connor 17
Alex Triani 18
Charlie Appel 19
Patrick Scribner 19
Chris Deluca 20
Ian Fogarty 20
Garrett Thibodeau 24
Mike Blum 25
Erik Gorman 25
Chris Hoagland 28
Ed Noll 28
Rich Sinclair 28
Mariusz Borkowski 28
Keith Kolar 32
Marty Viera 38
Kevin Kolar 39
40 Years
Bob Kolar 43
Jim Dooley 44
Tim Delaney 51

For a total combined 672 years of service to the Suffolk County Patrons.
July 4, 2024

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