2019 Ian Fogarty

Lifeguard of the Year – Ian Fogarty

Ian Fogarty is a SUNY Cortland Alumni that started his lifeguard career here at Smith Point in 2004. After the 2015 season Ian hung up his greens for a pair of blues and became a member of the New York City Police Department. However, after being a MOS (Member of Service) for 3 years Ian finished his NYS teaching certification and became a physical education teacher in Queens NY. “Changing my career and coming back to the beach, full time, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Ian started competing on Smith Point National Team in 2010 where he’s had numerous top finishes in the landline rescue race, including 1st place in 2015 and 3rd place in 2019.  “…To not only come back to the beach, but to get a chance to compete again and earn Lifeguard of the Year has been amazing to say the least.”

Nice job Fogs!

Rookie of the Year – Chris Bardak

Congratulations Chris!

September 9, 2019

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