2019 USLA Mid-Atlantic Rehoboth Tournament

The basic objectives of the USLA Lifeguard Competition are to sustain and uplift employee morale, to stimulate personal interest in rescue skill training and to acquaint the general public with water safety procedures and skills used daily by professional lifeguards to advance public safety at the beach. It was another great day in Delaware for East Coast Lifeguards to show off their physical prowess, reaction time and their Ocean Moxi!

Results for Smith Point:

2K Girls: Nicole Pikulik 4th, Izzy Ripp 5th, Ann Fici 7th, Salvinija Barsauskas 9th

2K Boys: Krause 2nd, Spiller 4th, Andrey Degayev 7th

Distance Swim Girls : Jackie Dominger 2nd, Jess Freund 4th, Brenna Horan 5th, Paige Kolar 10th, Emma Claps 13th and Danielle Pikulik 15th
Distance Swim Boys: Andrey Degayev 4th, Pat Konarski 14th, Tim Stecher 15th, Nolan Russel 20th, Bailey Orehovsky 23rd
Rescue Race Girls : Mid-Atlantic USLA Champion – Jackie Dominger, Ann Fici, Paige Kolar, Salvinija Barsauskas; 3rd Jess Freund, Emma Claps, Izzy Ripp, and Nicole Pikulik
Rescue Race Boys: Andrey Dagayev, Pat Scribner, Pat Konarski, Alex Triani 3rd
Tim Stecher, Kevin Konarski, Pat Scribner, Ian Fogarty 2nd

Beach Flags Boys: Brett Friedman 2nd, Alex Triani 10th;

Beach Flags Age 30-34 men: Mid-Atlantic Beach Flag USLA Champion Garrett Thibodeau, Ian Fogarty – 2nd,

Beach Flags Girls: Nicole Pikulik 4th, Salvinija Barsauskas 9th

4×100 Boys Mid-Atlantic USLA Champions – Brett Friedman, Alex Triani, Aldas Levisauskas and Sean Kelly

4×100 Girls Nicole Pikulik, Izzy Ripp, Brenna Hiram, Salvinija Barsauskas 6th Place; Jackie Dominger, Emma Claps, Jess Freund and Danielle Pikulik 8th Place
Run-Swim-Run boys: Andrey Degayev 3rd, Pat Konarski 13th, Tim Stetcher 14th

Run-Swim-Run Girls: Brenna Horan 2nd, Danielle Pikulik, Emma Claps
Landline: Mid-Atlantic USLA Champions – Alex Triani, Kristofas Barsauskas Andrey Degayev, Danielle Pikulik; Pat Scribner, Ian Fogarty, Kevin Konarski, Brenna Horan 2nd; Aldas Levisauskas, Corey Birsner, Tim Stetcher, Nicole Pikulik 6th, Esek Laughlin, Aidan Kolar, Nolan Russell, Ann Fici 7th
Paddle Pickup: Emma Claps and Jess Freund 2nd, Izzy Ripp and Jackie Dominger 3rd, Ann Fici and Paige Kolar 4th

July 10, 2019

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