2007 – Erik Gorman

Erik Gorman joined the Smith Point Ocean Rescue Team in the summer of 2000 and worked hard to earn his place among the nation’s finest lifesavers. With a history in atheletics, he was drawn to the competition team and helped win multiple national championships.

Now, Erik is an elementary school educator who trys to instill the strong character, developed greatly through his lifeguard experience, within his students. During the summer, he continues to protect the Long Island shore. In addition, he has become an avid crossfitter.

Erik’s by-the-book diligence instills hard work, perseverance and trust in younger Smith Point Lifeguards as well as the beach-going public. He is a role model, competitor and a lifesaver that others may learn from.

Due to his strong personality, positive manner, and powerful work ethic, Erik Gorman has been named Suffolk County Lifeguard of the Year for 2007.

Smith Point Rookie of the Year -William O’Connor

August 2, 2007

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