A paddle boarder saved at Meschutt Beach

In a daring display of clear thinking and swift action, Captain Matt Martins and a lifeguard Brett Doxsee (Who finished The Ironman Triathlon 2 days ago…) sprang into action to rescue a distressed paddle boarder who found himself in a unnerving situation two miles north from Meschutt’s shore. It was a serene summer day, but the calmness of the Great Peconic Bay surface concealed the powerful South wind pushing the paddle boarder further and further North.

Responding to an urgent distress call, the highly-trained lifeguards wasted no time. Expertly maneuvering their Jet Ski rescue unit through the waters, towards the stranded paddle boarder, battling against the wind, distance and time.

Arriving at the scene, they found the paddle boarder struggling to get back to shore. With unwavering determination, the lifeguards swiftly assisted the distressed individual onto their Jet Ski rescue unit, offering reassurance and care. Their clear thinking and swift action saved a life that day, reminding us of the importance of always swimming near a lifeguard.

A big shutout to our Chief of Lifeguards Kevin Kolar and Commissioner Jason Smagin for insisting that a Jet Ski rescue unit should be available at Meschutt Beach for lifeguards to use to enhance the safety of our Suffolk County patrons.

July 25, 2023

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