2022 Mid-Atlantic Regional Lifeguard Championship

Picture credit: N. Pikulik
Each year (7/13/2022) lifeguards who patrol the beaches throughout our region come together to compete in the USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships. The purpose of such an event is to showcase the skills and knowledge it takes to be a lifeguard. The day is filled with action-packed events that can’t be seen in any other forum.

2K – Doxsee 8th

Distance Swim – Guys – Dagayev 14th, Varrichio 16th; Girls – B. Horan 8th

Landline – Triani, Barsauskas, Dagayev, Dominger 1st; Scribner, P. Kolar, Stecher, B. Horan 2nd; Kevin Kolar, A. Spiller, Nicole Pikulik and Ann Fici 5th

Rescue Race – Dagayev, Stecher, Scribner, Triani 2nd

Run-Swim-Run; B. Horan 4th

Run-Swim-Run; Varrichio 13th

Board Rescue Race; Dominger, D. Pikulik 6th in

Age group flags 35-37 Thibodeau 1st; 30-34 Triani 1st, Scribner 3rd

Open Flags – girls N. Pikulik 1st, guys Kelly 2nd, Thibodeau 7th, J. Kolar 8th

4×100 – Boys A team 2nd, Girls A team 3rd

July 13, 2022

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