2018 Mid-Atlantic Lifeguard Champions, Rehoboth, DE

Each year lifeguards who patrol the beaches throughout our region come together to compete in the USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships. The purpose of such an event is to showcase the skills and knowledge it takes to be a lifeguard. The day is filled with action-packed events that can’t be seen in any other forum.


Event Order:

2 Mile Beach Run

women: 4th N. Piculik, 5th I. Ripp, 6th A. Fici, 8th L. Russell, S. Barsauskas, P. Kolar

Men: 5th A. Dagayev, 17th T. Maida, 19th B. Jackolski

400 Meter Surf Swim

women: 4th J. Freund, 7th A. Fici, 11th P. Kolar, 13th I. Ripp

men:  6th A. Dagayev, K. Konarski, T. Stecher

Swimmer Rescue Race


2nd, A. Dagayev, B. Kolar, Triani, P. Scribner

4th, P. Konarski, T. Stecher, A. Levisauskas, T. Maida


1st, J. Freund, J. Horan,

3rd, A. Fici, I. Ripp

Landline Rescue Race

1st: B. Kolar, A. Triani, K. Barsauskas, J. Freund

5th: A. Dagayev, P. Scribner, P. Vita, I. Ripp

7th: A. Levisauskas, T. Maida, T. Stecher, N. Piculik

4 x 100 Soft Sand Run Relay


2nd Triani, Levisauskas, Kelly, May

10th Jackolski, Barsauskas, Muscerella, Kolar


4th Russell, Barsauskas, Ripp, Pikulik

10th Freund, Kolar, Fici, Horan

Beach Flags

Woman: 3rd Pikulik, 10th Russell, 12th Freund

Men: 2nd S. Kelly, 3rd A. Triani, 5th P. May, 10th B. Jackolski

July 12, 2018

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