There are two types of surf skis, the spec ski and the ocean ski. The ocean ski is made for long-distance ocean paddling and is usually raced downwind with the swells. Typically 5.0-6.0 meters (16½-21 ft) long and only 40–50 cm (16-20″) wide, surf skis are extremely fast when paddled on flat water (only an Olympic K1 or K2 kayak is faster) and the fastest paddled craft available over a long distance on ocean swells. (

Matt Pluhowski and Doug Russell are at it again! “Baby Blu” and Russell, both guys love surfboards, Ocean skis and crafts in general. Matt and Doug, yesterday competed at the Crafts Fair Regionals held in Spring Lake, New Jersey.

Matt participated in the surfboard paddle, finishing in 14th place, Ironman – 9th place and placed 5th in the open surf ski, while battling a great competition from the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Doug, along with Matt, participated in the surfboard paddle, finishing in 16th place.

It was a great showing for both S.P. Lifeguards, considering a very tough competition! Way to go boys!

July 21, 2016

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