Julia Horan goes to 2016 Sanyo Bussan International Surf Rescue Challenge

The SANYO CUP 2016 was held in Aoshima Beach, Miyazaki, Japan on July 2nd-3rd.

Participating Federations were from ?Australian Life Saving Team, Lifesaving Society Canada sport commission, GBR High Performance Lifesaving, Hong Kong, SLSNZ High Performance, Lifesaving South Africa, USLA High Performance Squad and @JapanLifesavingAssociation.

Final Results:
1st Place AUS – 798 Points
2nd Place NZL – 782
3rd Place RSA – 667
4th Place JPN – 627
5th Place GBR – 557
6th Place USA – 531
7th Place JPNY – 481
8th Place CAN – 383
9th Place HKG – 234

Full Results… click here.
The Sanyo Cup started in 2006 as a way to promote lifesaving and lifesaving sports and is organized by the ????????????(Japan Lifesaving Association).

July 6, 2016

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