International Surf Rescue Challenge 2015

Source: Lifeguard Competition

“6th International Surf Rescue Challenge (ISRC 2015) will be held September 3 – 6, 2015 in Maroochydore Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. An Open National Team team and an Under 20 National Team have been invited. Both teams are composed of 6 male and 6 female team members. 3 Test Match days of Surf racing, 69 surf Lifesaving events held in conjunction with the celebration of 100 years of Surf Lifesaving Sport in Australia. ISRC 2015 is open to proficient lifesavers who are part of a national team appointed by the national lifesaving bodies of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Great Britain, USA, Belgium, Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong, France, and Japan.”

Our own Garrett Thibodeau and Sandi Woodhead will be heading to Australia in four weeks to compete with the best lifeguards in the World.

Sandi is a highly decorated lifeguard with numerous rescues under her belt! Sandi, soon-to-be a registered nurse has been lifeguarding at Smith Point for 5 seasons. She holds one national title, national finalist in 4×100 and 2K race and took 5th internationally in beach flags. This is Sandi’s second international competition.

Garrett is currently a teacher’s assistant at Eugene Auer Memorial Middle Country School District. He has been lifeguarding at Smith Point for 15 season where he was a part of our National Team for 13 years in-a-row. He holds 8 National Titles (4×100 and flags) and 3 International titles (4×100 and Rescue Race). This is going to be Garrett’s sixth international competition.
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National Teams Coordinator: Skip Prosser
National Team Manager: Randy Eickhoff
National Team Coach: Dr. Mike Barrows

James Bray – California State Lifeguards
Timothy Burdiak – Los Angeles County Lifeguards
Kevin Fink – Los Angeles County Lifeguards/Long Beach (CA)
Patrick Fink – Los Angeles County Lifeguards/Long Beach (CA)
Pat Kilgallen – Jacob Riis Park National Park Service
Thomas O’Neill – Jacob Riis Park National Park Service
Rich Sprout- California State Lifeguards
Garrett Thibodeau – Smith Point Lifeguards

Christina Boring – San Clemente Lifeguards
Sandi Woodhead – Smith Point Lifeguards
Annie Fittin – Sea Girt Beach Patrol
Carter Graves – Coronado Beach
Jennifer Noonan – Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue
Eva Porter – North Florida
Hallie Petersohn – Volusia County Lifesaving Association
Lexi Santer – Ocean City Beach Patrol

August 5, 2015

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