Newsletter 2014

The 2013 season was very successful. Our Smith Point Lifeguards competed in numerous local, regional and national tournaments, winning our 7 National Championship in the past decade! However, the one accomplishment that we are ALL proud of is the maintenance of our “zero” drowning record within the protected bathing area. This record spans back to July 7th, 1959 when the beaches opened.

Excellence does not just happen. While Suffolk County residents cannot wait for another summer, our lifeguards are spending countless hours at the gym and in the pool to get ready for another safe season.

Aside from lifeguarding accolades, the majority of us are doing great things in the classroom and in our communities. It truly takes a special kind of a human being to be a Smith Point Lifeguard.

Trevor Mada broke three Suffolk County records and made the All-American Consideration during his senior varsity swimming and diving season. Kevin Mulcahy competed at the USAT collegiate nationals and ran two marathons, one in Richmond and the second one in Shamrock.

Zach Krause also had a pretty good year. On October 12th 2013, Krause ran a spectacular 8K in 24:48 at NEICAAA XC Championships. A few weeks later, he took 4th place at CAA Championships in Oregon Ridge Park, MD. This is the same race where Kevin Krause (class of 1994) won it in 1991 and Bobby “the brick” Krause (Class of 2006) took 5th in 2008. Additionally, Zach ran a 5k in 14:28.22; 3k in 8:22.66; and a mile in 4:15 in December. Nice work Krause! 

Our spectacular Dooley sisters are shining stars as well. Courtney received an appointment to the United States Military Academy and will be attending West Point in September of 2014. Additionally, Courtney was a State and Federation Champion in the intersectional relay in track. Cassie Dooley, the 2013 Smith Point Lifeguard of the Year, is going to be the Valedictorian of her graduating class of 2014. Superb Job Girls!

Marty Viera and a team of former Smith Point Lifeguards, including Matt Moran (1993) and Kevin Krause (1993), placed 2nd overall in the first ever 70K Paumanok Pursuit Race and Relay. Michael Branca and his team took 9th place overall!


Brian Costello, aside from owning CrossFit Long Island, is actively involved in collaborating, educating and sharing information and knowledge with his members, community and beyond. He runs a class specifically for children and teenagers with autism and other mental disorders. In one word: ”Inspiring”! Please click here to view a great video and share it with your families. 

Suffolk County patrons should feel honored and extremely lucky with the athleticism, commitment, patriotism and humility that our guards exhibit each day at the beach and outside in our communities. It is hard to believe that 2014 season is only                                   days away… and remember – always swim near a lifeguard!

April 8, 2014

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