A Fond Farewell

That Others May Live” is the slogan of the USAF Pararescue. It also happens to be the calling of a few Smith Point Lifeguards. In just a few days three of our very own, Mike Hartman, Steven Galveo (Rookie of the year – 2010) and Tom Daly (Rookie of the year – 2012) will be answering that call. With a washout rate of 90% the Pararescue is the elite of the elite- The “Supermen” of the USAF. When a Navy Seal, an Army Ranger or anyone else in distress for that matter is down you send one of these guys to go get them. Bad (wait for it) Ass. MEN, you’ll be missed but damn sure not forgotten. Go get them and good luck! We’re all proud of you guys.


March 3, 2013

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