S.P. Lifeguards performed 51 rescues on Monday!

Lifesaving is the act involving rescueresuscitation and first aid. It often refers to water safety and aquatic rescue however it could include ice rescue, flood and river rescue, swimming pool rescue and other emergency medical services…. and those who are employed to perform lifesaving activities are called lifeguards. (www.wikipedia.com)

On Monday, August 13, 2012 seas at Smith Point Park were rough with several “riptides” visible from ashore. A day after earning their sixth National Title, Smith Point lifeguards were able to apply their knowledge and skills in a real life setting. Throughout the day, lifeguards performed 51 rescues. Suffolk County Public attending the bathing area was grateful for safe and enjoyable Monday.

Beach Safety Tips

1.Swim only in guarded area.

2.Do not dive into shallow water.

3.No ball playing or Frisbees on shore line.

4.Never swim alone.

5.Children should always swim with adult supervision.

6.Check with lifeguards on beach and surf conditions.

7.If you hear a whistle, look to see if the lifeguard is signaling you.

8.Avoid digging deep holes that can be hazardous to others.

9.Never sit or dig in front of the lifeguard tower.

10. No glass containers are permitted on the beach.

11.No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the beach.

12. NEVER fake calls for HELP. However, don’t be embarrassed to call for help.

13. If you need help, do not panic. If you are unable to swim back to shore, call or wave for help. The lifeguards are well trained in water and beach safety. Respect their presence and judgement and never interfere with their work.

August 14, 2012

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