Corey Birsner 2023

Congratulations Corey on an incredible 11 years of dedicated service as a Smith Point Lifeguard! Your journey is nothing short of inspiring. Your dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to the safety of beachgoers have made you an invaluable asset to the Smith Point community.

Corey’s recent certification as a National EMT is a testament to his continuous pursuit of excellence in the field of emergency medical services. It’s heartening to see how he plans to utilize the skills and knowledge he’s gained at Smith Point to continue his career as a beach lifeguard in Florida. The beachgoers in Florida will be fortunate to have someone as skilled and experienced as Birsner looking out for their safety.

Smith Point has played a significant role in shaping Birsner’s journey, and it’s evident that this place holds a special meaning in his heart. The lessons, experiences, and friendships he’s gained during his time here have helped mold him into the remarkable person he is today. Corey’s dedication to the lifeguarding profession and his drive to always improve have made him not only a skilled lifeguard but also a role model for others.

Furthermore, Birsner’s achievements as a national competitor who made it to the finals reflect his exceptional abilities and his commitment to pushing his limits.

As Corey embarks on this exciting new chapter in Florida, he will surely remember that his Smith Point family is cheering him on from afar.

Congratulation Birsner!

Rookie of the Year – Antonio Martin

Starting as a Junior Lifeguard at Smith Point at the age of 12 and progressing to become a lifeguard on the beach four years later is a testament to your growth and determination. The ocean has become your second home, and you’ve embraced the responsibility of ensuring the safety of others with open arms.

Competing on the tournament team in the 4 x 100 and excelling in beach flags showcases your athletic prowess. Your drive to excel not only in water sports but also in your role as a varsity wrestler and amateur MMA fighter speaks volumes about your discipline and versatility.

Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone of the Rookie of the Year.

September 22, 2023

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