Kevin Krause (Class on 1993) is at it again…

Kevin and several of his friends are riding across America to raise money for third grade kids in Title I schools.


We’re a group of 10 friends (average age 52) that have come together to challenge ourselves, make incredible memories, and raise money for the Bikes For Kids Foundation. We all recognize the significant role our first bike played in our childhood. We hope to give 3,000 more kids this same opportunity.


Every donation of $135 provides a bike and helmet to a 3rd Grader in a Title 1 School. The kids earn their bikes by completing a custom curriculum built around leadership and kindness at school. 100% of all money donated goes directly to the kids which is why we LOVE this foundation.


Jesse Itzler…Entrepreneur
Kevin Krause….Law Enforcement
Tim Snee…Law Enforcement
Jack Brehm…Retired Paratrooper
Luis Leonardo….Sauna Pro
Rick Steele…Entrepreneur
Bryan Fried…Entrepreneur
Devon Levesque…Entrepreneur and Adventurer
Nate Sibly… Bike Coach
Chris Hauth… Endurance and Mindset Coach
Nate Sibly… Cycling Coach and Concierge

Thank you to this amazing crew for making this REALLY A Ride Of A Lifetime.
Got out early today, caught another great sunrise! Loving Texas!!
Taylor never stops working!
Doing an amazing job covering our adventure!
Gonna be here for a while!
Go Hawks!
Captain Jack is Co pilot for our flight on the global 5000
We can’t keep up with the calories we need! Eating everything and anything!
“New Mexico” the hill/head wind state.
1/2 the distance as yesterday and twice as hard!
Day “3” in the books.
Another great one
Got in 101 miles , in 4:49. Still had time for an ice cream.
Yesterday we crossed the Colorado River at sunrise.
Day 3 start.
This a gonna be a good one!
Crushed 100 miles and 4300 feet of elevation with Rick today. Who has better sun glasses, Rick or the duck?
Soon after returning home from Ride of a Lifetime, It’s Bike-a-Thon time, come join the fun!
April 7, 2023

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