Smith Point Wins Landline Rescue at National Lifeguard Championship in Virginia Beach

National Champions – (L-R) Kristofas Barsauskas, Danielle Pikulik, Alex Triani and Brendon Kolar

Each year Lifeguards from all over the country drive down, fly down and gather to see who is the best Lifeguard in Town. This year more than 1,000 lifeguards congregated to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront for the 2019 United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) National Lifeguard Championships.

Smith Point Lifeguards once again were ready to showcase their athleticism, work ethic, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Thursday 8/8/19 Summary

Beach Flags

Beach Flags Men 60-64

2nd Place Tim Delaney

Beach Flags Men 30-34

National Champion – Alex Triani

2nd Place, Garrett Thibedoau

3rd Place Brian Costello

4th Place Ian Fogarty

13th Place Charlie Apple

Friday 8/9/19 Summary

Open Womens Surf Race

7th Place Jacqueline Dominger

13th Place Brenna Horan

16th Place Ann Fici

Open Womens Ironguard

9th Place Brenna Horan

Open Womens Rescue Race

3rd Place Jacqueline Dominger, Paige Kolar, Salvinija Barsauskas and Ann Fici

11th Place Isabelle Ripp, Julia Horan, Brenna Horan and Jessica Freund

Open Mens Rescue Race

9th Place Alex Triani, Brendon Kolar, Ian Fogarty and Kevin Konarski

Beach Flags Open Man

4th Place Brett Friedman

5th Place Pierce May

10th Place Charlie Appel

Beach Flags Open Women

9th Place Nicole Pikulik

15th Place Katie Kolar

Saturday 8/10/19 Summary

Open Womens 2K Beach Run

11th Place Isabelle Ripp

12th Place Salvinija Barsauskas

14th Place Ann Fici

15h Place Nicole Pikulik

16th Place Katie Kolar

Open Mens 2K Beach Run

10th Place Joseph Krause

11th Place Aidan Spiller

Mens 2K Beach Run 40-44

5th Place Mariusz Borkowski

Mens 2K Beach Run 60-64

2nd Place Timothy L Delaney

Open Womens 4 x 100 Run Relay

8th Place Salvinija Barsauskas, Nicole Pikulik, Isabelle Ripp and Katie Kolar

12th Place Paige Kolar, Brenna Horan, Danielle Pikulik and Julia Horan

Open Mens 4 x 100 Run Relay

3rd Place Alex Triani, Charlie Appel, Pierce May and Aldas Levisauskas

7th Place Garrett Thibodeau, Brett Friedman, Kristofas Barsauskas and Brendon Kolar

Open Womens Surf Race

7th Place Jacqueline Dominger

13th Place Brenna Horan

16th Place Ann Fici

Open Womens Run-Swim-Run

5th Place Jacqueline Dominger

9th Place Brenna Horan

Open Womens Board Rescue Race

12th Place Emma Claps and Jessica Freund

Open Mens Board Rescue Race

9th Place Andrey Dagayeu and Kevin Konarski

Open Landline Rescue Race

National Champions – Kristofas Barsauskas, Alex Triani, Danielle Pikulik and Brendon Kolar

3rd Place Ian Fogarty, Brenna Horan, Pat Scribner and Kevin Konarski

7th Place Tim Stecher, Mariusz Borkowski, Aldas Levisauskas and Nicole Pikulik

9th Place Andrey Dagayeu, Corey Birsner, Timothy L Delaney and Ann Fici

August 10, 2019

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