2019 Junior Lifeguard Program Dates announced

The Smith Point Junior Lifeguard program’s goal is to educate our Suffolk County Patrons and youth about ocean safety. Through ocean training, interaction and exploration, the Smith Point Junior Lifeguards gain: development of confidence, mental and physical fitness and respect for one another and the coastal environment.

Each Saturday, (7/13/19, 7/20/19 and 7/27/19) the training is going to start at 10:05 AM and conclude at 11:00 AM. The sessions are free.
Parents should arrive at 9:45 AM and fill out a waiver. Without a waiver, your child cannot participate in the S.P.J.L.P.

Daily Agenda (Please be advised that daily agenda is a subject to change, without notice, due to weather and ocean conditions.)
-meeting: safety
-1K beach run, 2 lines (younger and older Jr. Guards

Land Events:
beach flags
4×25 or 4×50 sprint relay
mini log pulls

Water Events
noodle dash
surfboard paddle relay
run-swim-run or surf rescue

Smith Point Lifeguards

June 18, 2019

    • Yes, you must fill out a waiver that will be given out to parents on 7/13 at 9:45 AM. One waiver per child.

      • Where exactly at Smith Point Beach do we meet for the waiver and program start? Also, I’m guessing we have to pay for parking?

        • Meeting place is in front of Lifeguard Offices at 9:45 AM, west of “Tiki Joe’s”.
          Yes, you are responsible for parking fee.

  • Can you keep me on a mailing list for this. I want to make sure I get me sons into it next summer.
    Thank you

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