Smith Point Wins, 9th National Lifeguard Championship!

Smith Point – 2016 National Champions
Congratulations to SMITH POINT!

Ranking Chapter Total Points?1 Smith Point 405.375?2 Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue 105.625?3 Boca Raton 92.125?4 Coronado Beach Lifeguards 86.125?5 Wrightsville Beach 80.125?6 Delray Beach Ocean Rescue 76.250?7 Destin 55.375?8 Dania Beach 52.125?9 Santa Barbara Lifeguard Assoc 34.000?10 Los Angeles City Lifeguard Assoc 18.750
11 Laguna Beach Lifeguard Assoc 18.000
12 Santa Cruz Surf Lifesaving Assoc 11.000
13 Seal Beach Lifeguard Assoc 7.000
14 County Of Orange Lifesaving Assoc 0.000

Day 1
Seniors 30-34 3rd place G. Thibodeau
Seniors 35-39 3rd place C. Hoagland
Veterans 60-69 T. Delaney – National Champion
Super Veterans 70 + 2nd Frank Condon

Day 2
Surf Swim Final
7th Emily Bardak
10th Ann Fici
11th. J. Horan
18th I Ripp

Surf Swim 50-54
2nd Charlie Lydecker

Rescue Race Men
13th Place E. Gorman, P. Scribner, K. Konarski and B. Kolar

Rescue Race Women
4th N. Pikulik, J. Horan, I. Ripp, E. Bardak
9th S. Barsauskas, A. Fici, C. Narus, J. Dominger

Beach Flags
3rd. A. Triani
5th B. Maltz
7th C. Appel
10th G. Thibodeau

Day 3 …
2K Men Beach Run
7th B. Friedman
9th K. Krause
12th Z. Krause

2K Men Beach Run (40-44)
National Champion – Kevin Krause

2K Men Beach Run (60-64)
3rd T. Delaney

2K Men Beach Run (70+)
2nd Frank Condon

2K Women Beach Run
7th N. Pikulik
13th S. Barsauskas
14th I. Ripp

Open Men Board Race
17th Place K. Konarski and M. Pluhowski

Open Women Board Race
6th E. Bardak and C. Narus
15th J. Dominger and J. Horan

Open American Iron Woman
19th C. Narus

Taplin Relay Men
11th Place M. Pluhowski, K. Konarski, D. Russell and B. Kolar

Taplin Relay Women
3rd Place; J. Horan, C. Narus, E. Bardak and A. Calabreses (HLA)
13th Place J. Dominger, A. Fici, N. Pikulik and I. Ripp

Open Women Run-Swim-Run
2nd Place E. Bardak
7th Place J. Horan
10th Place J. Dominger
16th Place A. Fici

Men 50-54
2nd Charlie Lydecker

2nd Place P. Scribner, E. Gorman, K. Konarski and J. Dominger
3rd Place A. Triani, K. Barsauskas, B. Kolar and E. Bardak
7th Place T. Maida, T. Maida, N. Pikulik, A. Levisauskas
11th Place J. Delaney, T. Delaney, A. Fici and K. Kolar

Open 4 x 100 Men Relay
4th Place C. Appel, B. Friedman, T. McKenna and S. Maltz
10th Place K. Barsauskas, A. Levisauskas, C. Roarke and G. Thibodeau
13th B. Kolar, M. Pluhowski, T. Meida and P. Scribner

Open 4 x 100 Women Relay
4th Place: N. Pikulik, C. Narus, S. Barsauskas and E. Bardak
6th Place: J.Horan, J. Dominger, I. Ripp and A. Fici

For complete results, please click here.
For complete team results, please click here

August 14, 2016

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