L.I. Lifeguard Championship


  1. 1.Long Beach 47 Points

  2. 2.Smith Point 46 Points

  3. 3.Fire Island 41 Points

  4. 4.East Hampton 35.5 Points

  5. 5.Jones Beach 29 Points

  6. 6.West Hampton 27 Points






Monday, July 28, 2014

Starting Time: 10:00 AM

Dedicated to:

Joseph W. Dooley

Bernie Kolar

Members and their families of the Armed Services

Corporal Christopher Kelly, USMC

Corporal Justin Bales, USMC

Martin Viera, A1C USAF

Lt. Sean Boughal USAF 103 Para Rescue

Lt. Col. James McAllister, Jr. Army Special Forces Airborne

Joseph Cussimano, WWII Infantry

Jack Vivonetto, SEAL

Joseph Pluhowski, SEAL

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Suffolk County Print Shop

Joseph W. Dooley, Sr.

Chief Lifeguard for Suffolk County Department of Parks

Joseph W. Dooley was involved in lifeguarding for fifty years.  He started as a lifeguard at Long Beach, New York and then moved east to Suffolk County Department of Parks as an ocean lifeguard and assistant chief under the direction of chief lifeguard Richard Bell.  He worked at Smith Point from July 8, 1959 until the date of his passing in 1999.  Mr. Dooley was the chief administrator of the Suffolk County Civil Service Lifeguard testing program, a Red Cross Instructor trainer in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the professional rescuer, and the American Red Cross lifeguarding courses.  He was responsible for organizing and running the officiating for the Suffolk County Water Safety Carnival in Brookhaven, the 1965 and 66 National Lifeguard Tournament at Montauk, which was featured on Wide World of Sports, the Aimee Orenstein Tournament at Long Beach, the USLA National Lifeguard Tournament at Long Beach, and Suffolk County’s Long Island Championships held at Smith Point County Park.

Smith Point County Park Lifeguard Corps

Joseph W. Dooley

Long Island Ocean Lifeguard Championship

Smith Point County Park, Fire Island

Monday, July 28, 2014

Captain’s Meeting: 9:00 AM

Starting Time: 10:00 AM

Honorary Chairpeople:Steven Bellone, Suffolk County Executive

              Gregory Dawson, Commissioner of Parks

Chief of Lifeguards:Robert Kolar

Assistant Chief:       Kevin Kolar


Timothy Delaney

James Dooley

Douglas Simonton

Eric Gorman

Keith Kolar

Eddie Noll

Brian Babst

Mariusz Borkowski

Chris Hoagland

Rich Sinclair

Michael Blum

Garrett Thibodeau

Ronald Kister

Christa Narus

Tournament Personnel

Meet Directors:Keith Kolar Christopher Hoagland


Referee:             John Ryan, Sr., Chief, East Hampton Lifeguards (ret.)

Starter:      James McAllister, Captain, North Shore State Parks (ret.)

Marshal:              Ronald Harris, Assistant Aquatics Director, New York State Parks (ret.)

Marshal:              Robert Donnelly, Ocean Captain, New York State Parks (ret.)

Sergeant at Arms:Patrick O’Farrell, Chief Deputy, Suff. County Sheriff’s Dept. (ret.)

Clerk of the Course:Drew Dunleavy, Chief, Saltaire (ret.)

Aquatic Turn Judge:Reggie Jones, Jr. Assistant Chief, Town of Hempstead

First Place Judge:Joseph W. Dooley, Jr., Ocean Captain, Suffolk County (ret.)

Second Place Judge:Peter Fountaine, Captain, Nassau County (ret.)

Third Place Judge:John Ryan, Jr., Chief East Hampton

Fourth Place Judge:Mark Heingartner, U.S.L.A National Champion

Fifth Place Judge:Charlie Lydecker, Ocean Captain, Suffolk County (ret.)

Sixth Place Judge: Peter Leis, Assistant Chief, Town of Islip, (ret.)

Seventh Place Judge:Michael LaBua, Ocean Captain, Suffolk County (ret.)

Eighth Place Judge:Robert Lambert, East Hampton

Ninth Place Judge:Robert Lenti, Ocean Captain, New York State Parks (ret.)

Tenth Place Judge:Michael Diveris, Westhampton (ret.)

Public Relations Coordinator:Emily Lauri, Suffolk County

Advisory Committee

Paul BrodmerkelOcean Captain, Town of Babylon (ret.)

Gordon CarberryBeach Manager, Village of East Hampton (ret.)

Richard CestaroBeach Manger, Town of Islip (ret.)

Thomas CullenCaptain, Smith Point (ret.)

Drew DunleavyChief, Saltaire, Fire Island (ret.)

Peter FountaineCaptain, Nassau County (ret.)

William FoleyChief, Town of Brookhaven

Steven GrayCaptain Town of Islip (ret.)

Mark HeingartnerU.S.L.A National Champion

Chuck JonesChief, Saltaire, Fire Island (ret.)

Stephen KohutChief of Lifeguards, City of Long Beach (ret.)

Carl MartinezLifeguard Director, Gateway National Park

Mathias MoneCaptain, Smith Point (ret.)

John Ryan, Jr. Ocean Chief, Town of East Hampton

Joseph ScaliseLifeguard Director, New York State Parks

Frank LeporeChief, Town of Islip

Diana PriceAmerican Red Cross Long Island Aquatics Specialist

Peter SteinCity-wide Lifeguard Coordinator, City of New York

Edward WaltersTown of Southampton Lifeguards, Training Officer

Appreciation: Park Personnel

Gregory DawsonCommissioner of Parks

Jim Barr       Superintendent of Parks

Tony TrottaSuperintendent of Parks

Mike GreavesPark Supervisor

MaryLou VarneyPark Supervisor

Mike SheppardLieutenant, Suffolk County Park Police

Kathy PfeilHead of Emergency Medical Technicians, Suffolk County Parks

Media Technicians

Garrett ThibodeauTournament Announcer

John RandolphDirector of Communications, Suffolk County (ret.)

Joseph MahoneyField Coordinator, Telecommunications, Suffolk County (ret.)

Michael McElleney/

Linda LeggioPrinters

Paul GortonScoreboard

Description and Order of Events

1.Brown and Brown Insurance’s Long Distance Swim

Consists of an approximately 500 meter individual swim.  A maximum of three (3) entrants per team can compete and all count toward team event score.  Swimmers start from the beach and swim approximately 250 meters from shore and return to the coastline.  The race will conclude with a 20 meter run across a designated finish line.

2.Beach Hut’s 2K Run

A maximum of three (3) entrants per team can compete and all count toward team event score.  Runners will race one mile down the beach to a flag about which they turn clockwise and proceed back to the starting point where they will finish.  The Start/Finish and turn around the flag are located in the soft sand.

3.Global Surf Industries’  Double Yoke (Three guard rescue)

Two rescuers, one beach control, and one victim make up a team.  Victim will be placed approximately 100 meters from shore, adjacent to a marker buoy.  The rescuers will swim to the victim with a standard floatation device and line.  They will proceed to secure the victim in a triangular hookup (each rescuer must be in contact with the victim and the rescue line) and then the rescuers and victim will be pulled to shore by the beach control.  All competitors must cross the plane of the finish line simultaneously, carrying the victim.  No pre-made loops for facilitating the pull are allowed.

4.Extreme’s Rescueboard Relay

There are four competitors per relay team.  Each competitor will paddle approximately 100 meters out to their appropriate buoy, turn clockwise around the buoy, and return to shore.  Competitors must exchange rescueboards behind a designated starting line and round their flag on the beach in a clockwise direction.

5.Religion Surf and Skate’s Land Line Rescue

Two beach controls, one swimmer, and one victim per rescue team.  Victim will be placed at a marker buoy approximately 100 meters from shore.  The swimmer will swim a rescue line from a land start to the victim.  The rescuer must then secure the victim and maintain control of the victim during the entire pull by the beach control.  The rules and structure of this event’s finish are identical to those described in the three-man rescue.

6.Cross Fit Long Island’s  4 X 100 Soft Sand Relay

Four competitors will run a shuttle relay 100 meters straight down the beach where they will hand off a baton to the next runner.  The handoff of the baton will start the next runner.  All competitors must stay in assigned lanes.

7.Charlie Lydecker and Family’s  Run – Swim – Run Relay

There are four competitors per relay team.  Each will follow a course consisting of approximately 200-meter run, a 150-meter swim, and a 200-meter run back to the starting area.  A hand touch will start the next relay member.

8.Handy Pantry’s Beach Flags

A maximum of three entrants per team can compete.  USLA rules apply.  The event will consist of three preliminary heats and one final heat.  The three victorious competitors from each of the preliminary heats will advance to the final.  All three will count toward team score.

Rescue Equipment

All rescue equipment must be standard ocean rescue apparatus regularly used in connection with ocean lifesaving.  The individual team must supply all equipment.  Rescue boards may not be longer than the USLA specifications mandated for competition.

General Rules of Competition

•Prior to each event, the judge(s) will explain the rules to all competitors.

•The judge(s) retain the right to disallow the use of any equipment which they feel will place other teams at extreme disadvantages.

•All finishes will be decided when the plane of the finish line is broken.

•Each team is composed of twelve (12) members including victims.

•All competitors must wear caps for safety and identification.

Tournament Results 1990 – 2013

2013 Long Beach    2004 Rehoboth

2012 Smith Point    2003 Smith Point

2011 Smith Point    2002 Smith Point

2010 Rehoboth    1995 Jones Beach

2009 Rehoboth    1994 Smith Point

2008 Smith Point    1993 Smith Point

2007 Smith Point    1992 Smith Point

2006 Rehoboth    1991 Smith Point

2005 Smith Point    1990 Smith Point

New York State Lifeguard of the Year

1993 – Joseph W. Dooley, Sr.2004 – Reggie Jones, Sr./ Reggie Jones, Jr.

1994 – Joseph A. Scalise2005 – Tom Daly

1995 – John Ryan, Sr.2006 – Robert Burkley

1996 – Robert Lenti2007 – John Ryan, Jr.

1997 – Stephen J. Kohut2008 – Richard Cestaro

1998 – Timothy L. Delaney, Esq.2009 – Robert Kolar

1999 – Carl Martinez2010 – Dylan Wallace

2000 – James McAllister2011 – Andrew Dunleavy

2001 – Ronald Harris2012 – Frank Lepore

2002 – James G. Dooley 2013 – Kevin Kolar/ Douglas Simonton

2003 –  Michael Diveris2014 – Robert Lambert


1.Swim only in guarded area.

2.DO NOT dive into shallow water.

3.No ball playing or Frisbees on shore line.

4.NEVER swim alone.

5.Children should always swim with adult supervision.

6.Check with lifeguard on beach and surf conditions.

7.If you hear a whistle, look to see if the lifeguard is signaling to you.

8.Avoid digging deep holes that can be hazardous to others.

9.Never sit or dig in front of the lifeguard towers.

10.No glass containers are permitted on the beach.

11.No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the beach.

12.NEVER fake calls for HELP.  However, do not be embarrassed to call for help.

13.If you need help, do not panic.  If you are unable to swim back to shore, call or wave for help.  The lifeguards are well trained in water and beach safety.  Respect their experience and judgment and never interfere with their work.

For current information on Beach Safety go to:


Enjoy your Suffolk County Beaches and

Have a Safe Summer.

National USLA Tournament Results

2013Manhattan Beach, California

Smith Point, New York433.12

Destin, Florida        207.87

Fort Lauderdale, Florida199.75

2012 Cape May, New Jersey

Smith Point, New York270.00

Fort Lauderdale, Florida109.50

Boca Raton, Florida        71.75

2011Cape May, New Jersey

Smith Point, New York153.25 points

Destin, Florida        124.00

Fort Lauderdale, Florida  75.50

2010Huntington Beach, California

Aloha Surf, Hawaii        215.25 points

              Smith Point, New York193.25

              Destin, Florida        121.00

2009Fort Lauderdale, Florida

              Fort Lauderdale, Florida261.50 points

              Smith Point, New York225.25

              Boca Raton, Florida       92.25

2008Manhattan Beach, California

            Smith Point, New York        200.00 points

            Aloha Surf, Hawaii               127.00

            Fort Lauderdale, Florida 99.75

2007Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

            Smith Point, New York       157 points

            Aloha Surf, Hawaii              135.00

            Fort Lauderdale, Florida108.50

2006Huntington Beach, California

            Smith Point, New York    140.50 points

            Boca Raton, Florida    130.00

            Aloha Surf, Hawaii           100.50

2005Virginia Beach, Virginia

            Smith Point, New York     143.00 points

            Fort Lauderdale, Florida            113.75

            Boca Raton, Florida    103.25

2004Daytona Beach, Florida

            Palm Beach County    82.8 points

            Boca Raton, Florida    80.50

            Smith Point, New York    68.37

2003Cape May, New Jersey

            Boca Raton, Florida    92.75 points

            Smith Point, New York    87.75

            Del Ray, Florida    69.50

2002San Diego, California

            Boca Raton, Florida    95.5 points

            Fort Lauderdale, Florida

            Laguna, California

2001Miami, Florida

            Del Ray Beach, Florida    90.25 points

            Hollywood, Florida            85.50

            Smith Point, New York    66.00

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July 30, 2014

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