Meet, entrepreneur, S.P. lifeguard Thomas Robertson and his co-idea of FiLMUiN… Good Luck Robertson!

Posted by SouthShorePress on December 11, 2013

FiLMUiN is an exciting, new video review website pioneering the way people view and confidently choose restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and other locations before actually going there. Our mission is to offer our users the most informative, visually stimulating experience before actually visiting a location. Whether someone is researching what hotel to stay at for their next vacation or trying to find the perfect restaurant to take a date, FiLMUiN provides real world video experiences of what these places are REALLY like. The video reviews are uploaded and shared by our users. It is free to sign up and users can enjoy using the website [] on their mobile devices, iPads and desktop computers.

Not only are we a video review website, but we also offer users who sign up an entire social community to be a part of. You can view video reviews people post, follow your friends or 
FiLMUiN favorites and, of course, upload and share your own video reviews! With FiLMUiN, people from around the world now have a resource to rely on and trust when they want to see what a place is REALLY like!

“Never go into business with friends or family” is a common statement people preach. We, here at 
FiLMUiN, decided to go against that statement and “Take the road less traveled”. We are four best friends who have known each other for more than 50 years combined!  Three of us Thomas Matzner, 25; Daniel Gruen, 25; and Thomas Robertson, 24; graduated William Floyd High School together and Joseph Sticco, 29; was a close friend who graduated from Longwood High School.

Every year after high school, it had been a tradition to go on at least one vacation together. Year after year we planned extensive vacations to Miami, Las Vegas, and Cancun, but never could find a reliable source to easily find what hotels and resorts really looked like. After years of frustration and letdowns upon arrival, we decided enough was enough. One summer afternoon Thomas Matzner approached Thomas Robertson with the idea of creating a website where people can see user submitted videos of places to solve the recurring problem we had. Daniel Gruen and Joe Sticco helped curate the idea of FiLMUiN and after weeks of discussions on what the site should encompass, we began our journey of being the first ever video review website.

Our vision for 
FiLMUiN is to be the #1 hotel, restaurant and nightlife review website in the world, topping giants in the industry like Yelp and Tripadvisor because, let’s face it, written reviews are a thing of the past! What makes us stand out, other than the fact that we are strictly video based, is that we have a unique token system, which rewards users for posting useful video reviews. Tokens can be earned by users for things as simple as posting a useful video on FiLMUiN. The tokens can then be used to bid on FREE gifts that are given by businesses in the challenges section; such as gift cards to a restaurant or a free nights stay at a hotel, to name a few examples.

“With our unique token system, we offer businesses the opportunity to protect the integrity of their establishment while gaining the same exposure they would on a “deals” website. By offering a free gift to a winning bidder, many users can bid on a prize but only one user can win. Think of it as the lotto,” says Daniel Gruen Chief Business Officer of 
FiLMUiN. “We are not only innovating the way people post reviews but are offering a revolutionary interaction between users and businesses in a truly win win environment,” says Thomas Matzner CEO of FiLMUiN. “With the expertise and vision this team has there is no doubt in our minds we can turn FiLMUiN into a multibillion dollar success,” says Joseph Sticco, Chief Financial Officer of FiLMUiN.

Within the first two weeks, 
FiLMUiN has over 200 users, over 300 locations have been “FiLMED iN” in over four countries! The FiLMUiN facebook page is close to 800 likes! “The viral success we are seeing here is simple. People love the different layers of interaction our website has to offer,” says Thomas Robertson, Chief Marketing Officer.

“We are truly excited for our future and we won’t stop until every hotel and restaurant on this planet is FiLMED iN!” Thomas Matzner CEO.   We invite you to join us to share your 60 second or less video reviews at  Your opinion matters.

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December 17, 2013

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